100 Indian pilgrims will visit the Pakistan Temple.

by Azhar on December 17, 2019 | Images Source Social Media


100 Indian pilgrims usually visit Katas Raj twice a year.

The Media reported, after a break of year around 100 Indian Pilgrims from India are due to arrive at the Katas Raj Temple in Pakistan’s Punjab province on Saturday.

Indian pilgrims usually visit Kats Raj twice a year, once in November or December, and once in February.

”Around 100 Hindu pilgrims will cross the Wagah border and enter Katas Raj the next day,”

Deputy Secretary Evacuee Property Trust Board (ETPB) Syed Faraz Abbas told Dawn news on Wednesday, adding that 200 pilgrims have been arranged by the state government.

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The previous government of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) had initiated a project to build a 36- room pilgrims hostel, but it still has to be completed.

Retired Capt Abdul Sattar Esani, Deputy Commissioner of Chakwal chaired a meeting on Tuesday to review arrangements for the Indian pilgrims.

The temple of Katas Raj is a complex of several Hindu temples linked by walkways to each other. The complex surrounds a pond called Kats, considered by Hindus to be sacred.

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