50,000 Scholarships Announced Under “Ehsaas Program”

by Nadia Riaz on November 4, 2019 | Images Source Social Media


A great step have taken towards Pakistan Education System’s betterment to make education more easy and convenient for each children even in rural areas and for those who just deprived from education due to financial weakness and lacking.

PM Imran Khan announce 50,000 scholarships for undergraduate students to create attraction for students in education and open up more ways for students.

Scholarship Program is consider to be a great investment which bring a huge profit in the shape of bright and sparkling future for our Country’s Economy.According to the famous saying “An investment in education and knowledge pays the best interest”.

This scholarship Program is consider to be the most powerful and prosper step for our education system. This policy will be applicable to public sector and participating non-profit private sector colleges and universities.

Under this program at least 50,000 scholarships will be given to the deserving students annually.

Meanwhile, around 50 percent scholarships will be given to the female students.

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