Beautiful Blessing of Nature:Spin Khwar Lake of Swat Valley

by Nadia Riaz on November 5, 2019 | Images Source Social Media

Beautiful Blessing of nature

Pakistan’s most attractive and a beautiful blessing of nature Swat vally is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan, it has one of the oldest civilizations history and one of the beautiful scenery one could ever see.

The major attractions of the Swat valley include its archaeology, its lush green sites, the history and art.
In the time period of 19th century, swat valley was under Akhund Sahib who believed in the Muslim law. At this time, the economy of Swat valley flourished due to agriculture and it became one of the significant trading areas for businesses.

The population of Swat valley is around 1,257,602 and they have many cultural groups living in which the most prominent ones are Pakhtuns, Yusufzais, Kohistanis, Gujars and Awans.

Spin Khwar is a beautiful lake hidden in the lap of mountains towards the north of Kundal Lake and east of Utror valley. The name Spin Khwar has a clear significance as a small white stream in the east flows down to the lake from the surrounding mountains and is a major source of water for the lake.

Spin Khwar Lake has intimidating size and depth surrounded by tall mountains on all sides except the western face from where a stream of water invisible under the rocks and boulders flows down to River Swat. Tall trees around the lake reinforce the beauty of the surrounding and the lake. The lake has a considerable size and is an ideal refuge for local and migratory birds and animals. Green pastures and wild flowers decorate all the landscapes around the lake.

The surrounding of the lake is pure and natural.The ecosystem and ecological balance of the lake is in perfect order and the lake is an ideal shelter for the local and migratory bird and animal species. The water of the lake remains placid and calm due melting glaciers water.

Spin Khwar Lake has an immense potential for tourism as beautiful landscapes are available in close proximity with the lake. This lake is famous for providing recreational spot if proper tracks and other necessary facilities are provided to the visitors.

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