China calls on India and Pakistan to settle conflicts

by Azhar on December 30, 2019 | Images Source Social Media


China wants that India and Pakistan should resolve disputes through dialogue.

China calls on India and Pakistan on Friday to exercise restraint and not to take any action. Because this could increase tension between the two sides and resolve disputes peacefully by means of dialogue.

“As a neighbor of both India and Pakistan, we are calling on both sides to practice, retrain and refrain from taking action that will escalate tensions,” Chinese Foreign Minister spokesperson Geng Shuang said during his daily briefing while responding to a question on the Line of Control (LoC) fire exchange between Indian and Pakistan armies.

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The shooting on the LoC on December 26 led to casualties on both sides.

“We’ve noted the related reports and we’re monitoring the situation,” he said, reflecting on the current LoC situation.

The Chinese official called on both sides to exercise restraint and refrain from taking action that would escalate tensions. And try to resolve disputes peacefully through dialogue and jointly maintain regional peace and stability.

Inter-service Public Relations (ISPR) reported Thursday that two Pakistan Army soldiers were killed in the Dewa sector along the LoC.

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