Drop Scene of Nimrita’s Death

by Nadia Riaz on November 7, 2019 | Images Source Social Media


As per the autopsy report, Nimrita’s death was determined to be caused by suffocation as asphyxial signs caused by a ligature on the neck were seen during the autopsy. “The ligature marks also tally with the information. Such signs are produced either in strangulation or hanging and are to be ascertained through circumstantial evidence as corroborative at the crime scene by state investigation authorities,” the WMLO added.

Further, the report states that a DNA test confirmed the presence of male DNA profile indicated from semen residue on the deceased’s clothes whereas a vaginal swab tested positive for a forced sexual act.

As per the statements of doctors, the forensic DNA report revealed that some male DNA found from her dead body. Moreover male DNA profile obtained from semen stains/sperm fractions from HVS and clothes indicates sexual act with deceased.

According to the doctors that the male DNA had confirmed that she was raped. He said that a high-level forensic expert’s board from all over Sindh may be constituted to rectify some of the flaws in the post-mortem and crime scene investigation.

Again one more girl lost her life due to sexual violence. Till now this case is not completely solved because the rapist is still unknown. If DNA of some male is found then it is not hard to find the actual person.

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