From Kashmir to Kartarpur: Pakistan always deliver the message of Peace

by Nadia Riaz on November 10, 2019 | Images Source Social Media


9th November always remain a big day in the history of Pakistan and till now consider a memorable day. Celebrations and ceremonies always held in academic as well as official level. After all 9th November is the birthday of our historical and great thinker and poet Allama Iqbal who was also the mastermind of our country Pakistan.

Again after 1947 9th November 2019 will be written in golden words in the history of Pakistan .When Pakistan deliver a message of peace and prosperity across the borders by opening the kartarpur border. Kartarpur consider the holy place for the Sikhs of India .Pakistan opens the door for Sikh pilgrims. Pakistan say welcome to pilgrims coming from neighboring country.

Here Pakistan is going to take an initiative step towards peace and happiness while on the other side Indian Supreme Court announce its decision of Babari masjid through which the land is going under the procession of Ayodhya Hindus. This decision gives a big shock to all Muslim community.

Again here India show its dark side to all world not only to Muslim community. Pakistan always remain the symbol of peace and prosperity. and always give worm welcome to sikhs pilgrims from india and from all over the world.

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