Govt. blocks ‘unite Kashmir’ march to LoC with containers

by Hashir on October 7, 2019 | Images Source Social Media


On Sunday Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) supporters rally protesting against India’s controversial suppression in the disputed region, was stopped from moving towards the Line of Control (LoC) by the Security officials of Pakistan administered Kashmir.

The JKLF has support on both sides of the LoC. From the past three days, hundreds of JKLF supporters from Pakistan administered Kashmir were marching towards LoC, intend to reach there to show solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir, which has been under strict lockdown for two months.

Police blocked Highway with electric poles, barbed wires, fences mud piles and containers to seize the procession.

JKLF spokesman Mr. Dar said the purpose of our peaceful march is to draw world’s attention towards Kashmir issue and instead of retaliating, we will wait until Monday for the removal of the containers, if they don’t, we will continue to stage a sit-in here and announce our next plan afterward.

High officials have invited leaders of the march for the negotiations and told media that marches will not go beyond Jiskool, as it comes in the range of Indian artillery. There is a serious threat of Indian shelling, they will not only target marches but also the civilians, something they have never hesitated in the past.

The security forces had also been stationed on the nearby mountains, expecting a clash with JKLF activists, adamant to marching to the LoC. All schools, colleges and markets in the area were shut on Saturday.

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