Jazz completed 5G Speed test successfully

by Azhar on January 6, 2020 | Images Source Social Media


Jazz has successfully tested the 5th generation of mobile technology. In its effort to lead the journey of digitization in Pakistan, the jazz 5g trials were aimed at testing the improvement in the performance of the network as a result of this technology. When Jazz 5g will launch in Pakistan, it will meet the evolving needs of future customers.

Jazz 5g trials took place at the Digital Headquarters of Jazz in Islamabad. Where the average download speeds were reached of 1425 Mbps and upload speeds were reached of 68 Mbps.

Jazz 5G Test

Jazz CEO Amir Ibrahim said, “We are satisfied with the initial 5G trials are we are ready to track the technology in Pakistan quickly whenever the government initiates the process”. These experiments show our dedication to digital Pakistan. That is why we were at the forefront of deploying new mobile technology.

“The successful conclusion of these 5G trials is a matter of pride for us as we have always tried to provide the people with the latest technology,” said Khalid Shehzad Jazz CTO. “Our network is spread across Pakistan and once the preconditions for the country’s commercial launch of 5G are set.

Jazz will ensure that no one is left behind in achieving the benefits this next-generation technology will deliver.”

Jazz or Mobilink is the fastest mobile network in Pakistan. And it is verified by Ookla through its Speedtest Award™, which the operator has obtained three times in a row.

Such results were announced after all major mobile operators in Pakistan compared user-initiated tests on the Speedtest app.

Jazz also spearheads the implementation of use cases for the benefits of the masses in the development of ecosystems.

On the basis of successes, Mobilink is evidently ready to offer the game-changing opportunity of 5G whenever the government permits commercial launch.

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