Norway Quran Burning Incident: Hats off to The Muslim Guy Ilyas

by Nadia Riaz on November 23, 2019 | Images Source Social Media


A video goes viral on social media in which there is some sort of road show hosted by a local person of Norway. A huge crowd were there including mix people belong to different countries as well as Religions. All of sudden a person start burning THE QURAN. Crowd became quite surprised. What’s going on there? During this moment a Muslim guy jump on that person to stop him.

As a Muslim he saves our Holy Book .As a Muslim he fulfils his duty that every Muslim who was there should do that bravery act. As a Muslim we should raise voice for him. We should raise voice to justify his act.

DG ISPR too took to his personal Twitter handle and ‘saluted brave Ilyas’ for displaying courage to stop an absolutely deplorable action. “Such Islamophobia based provocations only promote hatred and extremism. All religions are and must stay respectable. Islamophbia is threat to global peace and harmony,” he said.

 My appeal to the Muslim world is we should unite now. This is the time to come and stand on single platform not for any other individual but for Islam. Main purpose of this unity should be to spread Islam the name of Peace.  

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Nadia Riaz


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