Serial Rapist of Minors Arrested

by Nadia Riaz on November 13, 2019 | Images Source Social Media


Serial rapist and murderer have arrest from Rawalpindi admitted all his crimes during investigation.

During investigation, the suspect revealed that he was the leader of an international child rapist gang who live-streamed abuse. The Rawalpindi police said the suspect ran a child pornography group and live-streamed videos of the sexual assaults on the ‘dark web’.

The suspect was working as a consultant for the KP Governance & Policy Project. He was receiving Rs300,000 as salary and other benefits from the project for the past two years.

The suspect was previously convicted from England and Italy and was also deported after he had served his prison sentence. The suspected had also been tried for the same crime in Italy and was deported from there as well.

The man was arrested after a first information report (FIR) was lodged on the complaint of a 13-year-old boy’s mother in the Rawat police station. The complainant alleged that the suspect forcefully took her son to a house in Bahria Town in Rawalpindi where he drugged and raped the victim for four days. The man filmed the minor as well and threatened to release the video if the victim reported the crime, the FIR said.

The woman told the police that her minor son used to vend ‘Qahwa’ at night time in business centres of Phase-7 & 8 to earn bread and butter for his family but last month he went missing and returned home after over 25 days, however, hanged on in severe depression and avoided to talk to anybody.

She said that on repeated queries, the victim disclosed the mystery saying that a man riding a mini car kidnapped him at late night on the day of occurrence and took him to his home at Phase-8 and confined him in a room after intoxicating him.

The poor woman, quoting his son, said the captor molested him continuously and made his nude videos and photographs. The abuser threatened the minor that he would show his nude videos to public if he disclosed the sex crime.

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The Rawalpindi Police, taking stern action on the complaint from the poor woman, asked the Rawat Police to immediately arrest the culprit and to take action against him according to the law.

A team of police conducted a raid at his residence and arrested him when he was trying to flee from the scene. He was shifted to the police station and investigation initiated after lodging first information report (FIR) against him under sections 367-A, 377, 337 and 342 PPC.

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