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by Hashir on September 23, 2019 | Images Source Social Media

child sex abuse

The remains of three minor boys whom police suspect was murdered after being sexually onslaught were found on Tuesday in Punjab’s Kasur district, which has extracted international attention for reverted incidents of child sexual abuse in recent years.
According to police, two of the children were reported missing in Kasur’s Chunian tehsil last month while the third had gone missing two days ago. On the indication of a local worker, police found the body of one of the boys and the skeletal remains of the other two at a deserted place in Chunian Industrial Estate area.

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If these children were sexually assaulted then who is responsible for this? A report shows that there almost 3200 similar cases from last one year and majority of them were sexual harassment incidents.
As far as who is responsible individual or authority for these painful incidents. I will say that whether it is Govt. or judicial authorities or last but not the least parents these all are responsible for these recurring incidents of sexually assaulted

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