Why Prime Minister Imran Khan Summoned Federal Cabinet Meeting

by Nadia Riaz on January 8, 2020 | Images Source Social Media

Islambad high court has rejected the plea accusing priemer Imran khan contempt of court for his recent remark on the judiciary

According to sources, the meeting will start at 10:00 am and will be presided over by PM Imran khan . The meeting will formulate strategy for the approval of the legislature regarding the Armed Forces.

Legislation expedited

The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Defence had been summoned on Monday to discuss conversion to the Army Air Force and Navy Act,

The devoted had to reconvene just three days after it initially the three bills aimed at regularising the tenure of the services chiefs.

Chief Justice said that, “The contempt court is between the individual and the court

PM Imran himself chaired a meeting of parliamentary party of PTI and allied parties.

According to the petitioner, Imran Khan’s speech falls under the category of contempt of court for which the court has been requested to fulfill the requirements of law and take action.

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