September 8, 2019

Education, not violence! We want justice for Hunain

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Hunain is my 17 year old cousin who was beaten to death or more correctly, "brutally murdered" by his teacher Sir Kamran Hashmi of American Lycetuff Gulshan e Ravi campus this Friday i.e. 5th September.

Every morning parents send there children to school so that they become emotionally and physically strong enough to get through life and it's hardships. But what they don't know is that the war zone they prepare their children for, exists inside the school as well. Hunain was a lovely boy with no care in the world, a Hafiz e Quran and a bright student but that wild creature didn't think he was worthy of his right to live. A teacher is someone who has a huge impact on the brains of the children of tomorrow, it is a prestigious job but Kamran did not realize the sanctity of his job and not only that, he went ahead and beat him to death. We send our children to school so that they can get educated, be kind, respectful and able to earn a decent living but American Lycetuff here teaches the exact opposite. It encouraged teachers to give corporal punishments to the point where they proved fatal, to act violently ,to physically and emotionally hurt the students and most of all to murder our beloved children and steal sanity from their parents.

Motive to write the petition

Corporal punishment is not a joke, it's not a way to discipline children but it's a serious matter that requires our attention. When I saw my family completely break after Hunain's death I realized that I won't let his death go in vain and will make sure that no child ever has to go through what my Hunain went through. Schools should check the teacher's psychological history and background before hiring them. Alongside this current, there's a need to change demeanors about kids' appropriate for giving equivalent insurance at all levels. The SPCPA should concentrate on disciplinary estimates, for example, training and mindfulness building. It is important to provide the right instructions and bring issues to light at the family, network and foundations. Furthermore, being a resident, we should bring issues to light against viciousness and violence to advance a tranquil society.

Anticipate Action

So help me in my venture to stop this inhumanely attitude towards our children and van corporal punishment at schools around Pakistan because we send our children to school with our hard earned money to get educated, not to get beaten up to death.

Let's take a vow to prevent another Hunain from being murdered at the place he thinks is the safest. 

Let's put this to an end, please sign this petition so that we erase the concept of allowing corporal punishment at schools.


12 responses to “Education, not violence! We want justice for Hunain”

  1. Aymen Riaz says:

    That was a really brutal and heart wrenching incident for all of us.. May Allah shower His blessings on Hunain and that brutal teacher should be hanged to death, so his relatives could also feel that pain which broke Hunain’s patents amd his closed ones 💔😞

  2. Rimsha Naeem says:

    Their* children
    And Ban* corporal punishment

  3. Usman Sheikh says:

    کیا ہو گیا ہے لوگوں کو! پولیس غریب مجرم کو مار رہی ہے، اساتذہ شاگردوں کو مار رہے ہیں ! کیسی ڈیسپریشن ہے؟
    کس کا غصہ کس پر نکالا جا رہا ہے؟
    ایسے ملازمین بھرتی ہی کیوں کئے جاتے ہیں جو نفسیاتی مریض ہوں!

  4. Ammara Akhter says:

    We stood with the family and friends at this moment of grief

  5. Yasir Iqbal says:

    یہ عمرانی شعبدوں کا غصہ اب غریب اور نہتے پر ہی نکال سکتے ہیں۔

  6. Wasim Kamran says:

    First of all feel sorry to heard this nuisance and brutality, we are with u Hunain.Concerned authority is liable to check the psychological background of the teacher.Teaching is not a layman job.Polite and good behaviour is the key to boosting the system of education instead of harsh one.
    This is stigma in our educational system is totally deline.This is need of the hour to do some pragmatic approach,without waiting other episode of horror.

  7. Mariyam Senzai says:

    Bachon k admission form mai itnay swaal hoty.. Parents kon?, guardian kon?, baap kitna kmata?, extra fon number bla bla bla. Ab hum mutalba kerty k hmay yaqeen dilaya jaye k sab teachers normal hain. .bacha school k baad zinda wapis milay ga.. Agr bachay ko mara giya to bachay ko bhi mukka marnay ki azaadi honi chahyee.. Koi baat hai bhala 9th, 10th k bachay py haath utha rahay zalim kutty..bachay ko chahyee tha uska haath pakar k maror deta.. Itna bara bacha sharam sy adha mar jata hai jab teacher usko maray..

  8. MaRia Hina says:

    That teacher should be hanged by the justice court so that nobody will ever do this kind of assault

  9. Sabeen says:

    we stood with his family on this unbearable grief

  10. Ayisha says:

    He should be given to hunain’s parents that’s it

  11. Maqbool Ahmad says:

    being a teacher i am unable to understand how someone can cross limits like this, I condemn this brutal act and expect from government better reforms and instructions for such psycho teachers, such teachers should suspended much earlier before they are so heartless.

  12. Hyder Ali says:

    i failed to understand..why are we raising slogan for kashmirs, people? where as..we are also making kashmir in pakistan…wth help of it ..brutally act..we hav alot of exampl…sallah uddin and mine brother hunain !

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429 signed 5000 Target

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